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Hey! I'm Kinsey Rae, and this is the story of Morning Goldie

Hey, you!

We'll get to the good stuff, but first, let me introduce myself!

My name is Kinsey Rae, and I am the owner of Morning Goldie. My little fambam and I live in good ol Sioux Falls, South Dakota (don't knock it 'til you've visited, okay?). My wonderful fam consists of my husband, Mason, and my three kiddos, Brooks, Reese, and Stevie Rae! OH, I cannot forget about our Sheepadoodle Huckleberry and our Whoodle Humphrey! 

Morning Goldie originally started in the beginning of 2018 as an online women's boutique. It was soooo fun! But i'm even more excited to tell you how and why we transformed into a children's boutique! 

When I was thinking about the possibility of re-launching Morning Goldie into a children’s shop, I was worried about appearing inferior. Like I was stepping down going from a women’s boutique to a baby/child boutique. What would people think? Would I be taken seriously? I don’t rock funky clothing anymore...and now I’m losing all that funky weirdness I had when we built the OG MG & all my incredible customers and supporters.

What was I doing?

I thought about it a little more. I asked myself what is the absolute most important job I have? Without hesitation, I said: “the most important job I have while on this earth is to raise my babies to know Jesus, to love others, to be brave and kind and courageous, and to love them fiercely with every fiber of my being. My job is to pack their toolbox full so they can reflect His light on everyone they meet and be world-changers by making a difference in the lives of those they meet. BINGO. Yes.

I might sound a little dramatic since MG is just an online shop filled with kid things, I know. BUT if I can offer fun items to make our work a little more fun, convenient, magical, creative, and colorful- I think this will top any rainbow colored or faux fur clothing piece I have ever sold.

I can’t believe I even entertained those thoughts I told you about a few minutes ago. Because THIS is it. There isn’t anything more important. I hope you come to this space feeling supported, loved, encouraged, and seen, and maybe influenced to check out some really cute things for your kiddos 😉

I love y’all. Thank you for sticking around 🧡