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The girl behind MG

HEYYY! I'm Kinsey Rae, owner of Morning Goldie...and a girl who just doesn't fit any mold. A girl who lived in her stretchy black flared pants with black knockoff Doc Martens and white socks. My fashion choices made for some pretty good throwback pictures at least. I always did my thing, and it was never the "in" thing.

I'm a cosmetologist turned wifey and stay-at-home mama to my son, Brooks. Late night feedings drove me to my online shopping addiction....but there was always a problem. I didn't fit the typical boutique style. I wanted more than floral prints and stripes. I wanted clothing that encompassed my personality, and would tell people who I was before I even opened my mouth. I wanted to wear pieces that made me feel alive! So, my hubby and I created Morning Goldie.

Honestly, if you're wondering where we got the name, I don't really have an answer. There was no special meaning behind it until just recently. 

The more I got in the groove with MG, the more my voice became louder and my mission became stronger. And that's how " You are GOLD, baby!" formed. The more I saw women coming out of their shells to dress a little bolder, the more I would get told " I wish I could pull that looks so cute on you!". LISTEN UP. You can! 

I want Morning Goldie to be a place that inspires you to live out loud and embrace who you are. Wear what you love! I want you to open your closet and feel alive in every piece you put on. 

You are worth it.